Perfect Journeys crafts oriental experiences for individual travellers and groups.

Sultanate of Oman

Here you will experience the One Thousand and One Nights fairytale in all it’s glory: lush green oases, vast desert landscapes and the scent of incense. Explore a mystical country rich in culture and meet friendly people with a passion for joie de vivre. Live the Bedouin lifestyle in the desert as you indulge in aromatic dates and Arabic coffee. While strolling the souks, admire magnificent craftsmanship. Let yourself be immersed by the homeland of Sinbad the Sailor.

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the international hubs for the region. This is where the past meets the future. From the wonders of glittering skyscrapers to the evergreen oasis of Al Ain and the luscious sandy beaches of Ras Al Khaimah: the land of the seven emirates has a lot to offer. Choose from the stunning Sheikh Zayed Mosque, international events, endless shopping in souks & malls and local experiences. With an array of tourist attractions, the UAE is a destination for everyone.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Slowly opening up to tourism, the largest of the GCC States cordially invites you to visit the kingdom. Travelers can experience the majesty of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, modern cities with an endless number of bazaars and shopping malls, lush oases and the mystical Empty Quarter. Unspoiled sandy beaches at the Red Sea offer breathtaking diving grounds. Here nature and history are combined with the best the modern world has to offer.

State of Qatar

Qatar offers visitors a land of contrasts. The capital Doha is a mixture of magnificent palaces, traditional bazaars and stunning mosques. Adorning the city skyline is an endless array of sky-high glittering skyscrapers. Qatar has successfully emerged as the-go-to destination for major sporting events hosting international tournaments like FIFA and F1. Armed with the world`s largest gas reserve, Qatar is poised to develop a bustling tourism industry in the years to come.