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Familiar Faces with a New Name

Perfect Journeys is a dream come true for three veteran professionals in the travel business, Sherien, Karen and Aziz. With a focus on four exciting destinations, Perfect Journeys brings you a wealth of new experiences and the flavour of true Arabia in Oman, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Explore the Gulf with us – with a sprinkling of magic.

As a dynamic privately owned company, supported by a multi-lingual, talented, international and diverse team, we strive for innovation, creativity and excellence within the hospitality industry across the Gulf.

Where we operate

From our home base in Muscat, we cover Oman as well as our second home, the United Arab Emirates. Qatar is a natural addition to our portfolio, as a destination with which we are intimately familiar, and bringing up the quartet is Saudi Arabia – an exciting new destination now open to international visitors from around the world.

We keep up to date with the latest trends, launches and openings and offer flexibility across packages, offers and much more.

No one else covers the GCC the way we do, making us an important addition to your address book!


Here you will experience lush green oases, vast desert landscapes, craggy mountains and sun-kissed beaches. Oman is a mystical country, rich in culture and populated by friendly people with a passion for joie de vivre. Four UNESCO World Heritage Sites enrich every excursion and are worth a visit.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is where the past meets the future. From the wonders of glittering skyscrapers to evergreen oases, luscious sandy beaches to endless shopping destination including the largest mall in the world, the Louvre Museum and the F1 Formula track, the UAE has something for everyone.


Qatar offers visitors a land of contrasts. The capital Doha is a mixture of magnificent palaces, traditional bazaars and stunning mosques. Adorning the city skyline is an endless array of sky-high glittering skyscrapers. Qatar has successfully emerged as the-go-to destination for major sporting events hosting international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and F1.

Saudi Arabia

Slowly opening up to tourism, the largest of the GCC States cordially invites you to visit the kingdom for the first time.  Truly unexplored by international travellers, here you can experience the majesty of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, modern cities with an endless number of bazaars and shopping malls, lush oases and the mystical Empty Quarter. Unspoiled sandy beaches at the Red Sea offer breath-taking diving grounds. Here nature and history are combined with the best the modern world has to offer.

Meet the Dream Team

The Virtuoso

Sherien Sherief
Managing Partner

As the co-founder and woman with the local connections, Sherien is our venue and people scout, leaving no stone unturned to deliver the newest, oldest, and very best experiences to our valued clients. Sherien has lived in Oman for 10 years.

The Pioneer

Karen Hardan
Managing Partner

As the German co-founder, Karen‘s European values define the style and philosophy of Perfect Journeys. She spearheads marketing, business- and product development. Karen has lived and worked in Oman and Dubai for 25 years.

The Maestro

Aziz Badir
Managing Partner

Our co-founder Aziz is widely known as an industry expert. With enthusiasm, perseverance, management and people skills, he finds the best people and suppliers for Perfect Journeys. He is responsible for groups, MICE, human resources and finance. Aziz has lived in Dubai and Oman for 15 years.

 From tailor-made individual tours to scheduled departures for small groups, golfing vacations to VIP services, from glamping to desert safaris, self-drive itineraries to family vacations, and everything in between, your dream can become a reality with Perfect Journeys.

All you need to do is reach out and tell us what you dream of, we will take care of the rest.

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Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming you and your clients to one of our four destinations in the very near future.

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